Pakistan is a country of many colours, cultures and ethnicities. The Indus Valley Civilization is a testament to the importance of this geographical land mass as a center for philosophy, craftsmanship and heritage. It is the abundance of these attributes that it became an important landmark along famous trade routes centuries ago.

Among other greats that this country has to offer, the city of Lahore enjoys particular importance both a seat of power and city of craftsmanship. With its history dating back over 4000 years it carries great significance as a hub of trade and commerce in the region.

The Pakistan Trade Show (PTS) promises to be the first of its kind to showcase some of the finest products that our country has to offer. PTS aspires to be recognized as the premier multifaceted trade show in the country. By bringing together all major export sectors of the economy under one roof and with the continued patronage of its supports like the Ministry of Commerce, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, Lahore International Expo Center, All Pakistan Business Forum and friends of PTS in the diplomatic community; this show not only aims to open up the country for new business but also present a positive image of Pakistan to the international community.

We would like to extend our heartfelt wishes to our friends from the international community, local and international media and good luck to all participating companies.

Pakistan trade show aims to enhance business between partners & trade between nations. It presents an ideal opportunity of B2B meetings at Pakistan’s best venue.

Welcome to Lahore. Welcome to the Pakistan Trade Show 2019.